#ThinkKit 11: Hi, I’m ___ – Futbol Fwends

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This year might as well have been the Year of New Friends. In 2014, we welcomed Dawn and Andrew to the SmallBox team. I attended a bunch of community and industry events. I’ve semi-joined a new parish. I even attended a gaming convention with 56,000+ other people. But my biggest friend funnel of the year? Futbol!

Besides the fact that I obsessed over the World Cup and the Indy Eleven’s inaugural season (and Real Madrid’s domination in the Champions League), I got to play so much soccer—and it was almost by complete accident!

Early this year, a couple of other ‘Boxers and I dreamed of playing in Big Car’s Indy City Futbol league, but the sign-ups were super unclear to us (or maybe we were just slow). Did we have to play on our neighborhood team? Because I live near Eagle Creek, and there definitely was no team for that area. What was the roster cap? Because despite how cheap it was, we wanted playing time (an elusive concept for most guys in recreational leagues). Registration came and went, and all the teams were full—kind of.

If you’ve ever played rec soccer, you probably know that the struggle to find girls to fulfill the on-field requirement (plus, subs) is real. As luck would have it, one of my good high school friends signed up for FC Fountain Square, which needed a couple of girls! Score!

Missing some folks!

I’ve got to say, these guys were the best! Did we win the league? No. But did we have tons of fun? Of course! Many of us went on to play in the Circle City Athletics early fall league, and a few of us crazier kids played in the late “fall” league (think: freezing temperatures). Plus, we met up multiple nights a week for pick-up, and now have moved indoors for futsal.

On a team that was made up of almost all strangers (maybe two of which actually lived in Fountain Square), it’s kind of crazy how well everyone got along and that many of us still see each other regularly. I feel so blessed that I got this slew of new friends to futbol with, drink with, talk about TV with, go to church with, play games with—almost all by chance!

One last thought: I just realized that my Think Kit post for the ‘Box blog last year was also about futbol. Figures.

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Today’s prompt: Who did you meet this year?

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#ThinkKit 10: Weird. Wild. Wacky – Just Fetch

Here’s another quick post. (What the heck would I do without Instagram? Actually write?!)

Yes, I play #fetch with paper wads. 😼 #cattricks#playfetch

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Louie plays fetch when he feels like it. Judy does too, but no video yet.

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Today’s prompt: We want to hear your strangest story from the last year (or more).

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#ThinkKit 9: Just Can’t Wait – Stories

In a typical Think Kit day, I go through about five changes of mind re my blogging subject. What can’t I wait for in 2015? Summer weekends at the lake cabin. Reinstated USC football scholarships. Seeing my girl Jenna. Super-cleaning, organizing and purging our home to be put on the market.

Anyway, I’m currently watching the series finale of Sons of Anarchy—one of my favorite shows of the last couple of years—and trying really hard to get a post written during commercials.

This is Jax and his mom. He kills her. Predictable but… dang!

We’ve stayed real dedicated to this crew (remember when I kicked butt in the game at Gen Con?). I mean geez, that season when Abel was snatched up and the club went to Ireland? Laaaaaame!

I’m really, really sad to see the last of SAMCRO. I get so invested and attached to some characters. BUT! I also really, really look forward to discovering new stories in 2015. Not necessarily brand new ones, just new to Joe and me.

What’s on your list that’s worth a good binge-watch?

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Today’s prompt: What are you looking forward to in 2015?

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#ThinkKit 8: Lifeline – Top 10 Views

I made it a full week straight of prompt-blogging! But today, I will use a lifeline. These are my top 10 views of the year, per my instagram feed, in no particular order. (This is the result of laziness, mostly, but also: football, wine, and how riled I got writing my original soapboxing-against-the-self-righteous post.)

10. The Flower Mart in Downtown LA.

#FlowerMart — my #HAPPYPLACE 😍😜😘😁😊😍

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9. Arcade Fire in Louisville.

Sleeping is giving in. #arcadefire #louisville

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8. Everywhere in Greece.

#Parthenon #Acropolis #Athens #fallbreak #greece2014

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7. My friend’s prototype in his house.

Demoing Bobby's prototype! #TheGreatLoop #boardgame

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6. Lou and Jude in my bed.


5. The Giants taking state in Lucas Oil Stadium.


4. Sports in Los Angeles.

Vamos #Dodgers!!! #boysinblue

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3. My first rodeo in Warsaw.

#Birthday #rainbow & #rodeo, lakeside. This IS our first rodeo. @joewtatum

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2. Bears in the Smoky Mountains.

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1. Pro soccer in Indy.

A beautiful but chilly night for some #futbol. #football #NASL #indy11 #indyeleven

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#ThinkKit 7: Alla-Kazam – Raise the Roof

Gosh, if I had a magic wand… there are so many dumb little things that I would make happen (after world peace, of course).

Freshman 15 that I’ve never been able to get rid of. Poof — gone! Self-organizing closets. Done! Hangovers. Never again!

But if I had to pick one thing (and this is how I know I’m getting old) in 2015, I would wave my magic wand over this 2 BR/2BA house that I’ve shared with my husband for a few years now, and raise its roof a good two or three stories.

We’ve decided that 2015, fingers crossed, is The Year of Our New Home. But if I had it my way I would simply (!) add two or three more bedrooms, another bathroom, a laundry room and a sweet band practice-friendly basement, and push the neighbors’ homes a little further away to expand the yard, right here on our cul-de-sac.

Springtime allium  Mailbox muscari and tulips

When I tell people that I live on the northwest side of town, in Pike Township, and that I *gasp* actually like it, I really mean it. Unfathomable, right?! No.

Our neighborhood isn’t the best, but it’s so diverse and kid friendly (I guess this will matter to us at some point). We’re so close to 465 and 65, making it so easy to get anywhere we need to go. We’re right off of 56th, making my commute to Broad Ripple real easy too. (We’re in the commute sweet spot for both Joe and me.) We have the best restaurants in the city right down Lafayette, on and around 38th St. Yeah, I said it! The best! Plus, a million other things.

Traders Point Creamery cheese, milk and yogurt  Guanajuato on Lafayette Road.

Anyway, that’s what I would do with my magical wand. As much as I’m looking forward to having more space, I’ll be sad whenever we leave this home.

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Today’s prompt: Wave your magic wand – whoosh – what would you transform, create, or make disappear in 2015?

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