#ThinkKit 14: Discovery – St. Monica Catholic Church

I’ve been a Spanish Mass-goer my entire life, and I still really prefer it. The readings just sound more powerful and eloquent. The songs and hymns are so much more welcoming, less intimidating than they are in English Mass—where the choir always sounds dang-near opera-like. There’s something so emotional about an entire congregation singing together, talent be darned!

But my Spanish skills just aren’t what they used to be (when my grandmother was still alive). I have to follow the readings in the bilingual book, and usually only catch the major themes of the homily (these aren’t translated on paper). I don’t feel comfortable volunteering for anything or going to events because of my language barrier slash general shyness. And I for sure don’t want to do any lectoring, lest my Chicana accent give me away! Plus, my yearning to be an active member of a parish community only continues to grow stronger.

So, early this year, I started researching other parishes around the city.

This was a huge for me. I’ve always gone to church with my family, St. Patrick in Fountain Square being our home the last few years. Joe and I got married there, and I went to Mass there most Sundays with my mom and stepfather.

We were married @ St Patrick, Indianapolis
September 29, 2012. St. Patrick Catholic Church, Fountain Square, Indianapolis.

I visited websites for most of the central Indy parishes, and St. Monica’s really stood out compared to all the others (hey—give me a break, I work in digital marketing, aight? but rly, if there’s a company out there that does church websites, they really need to tap into the archdiocese of Indianapolis). Plus, it’s only 10 minutes away from home.

I went to an English service that weekend And You Won’t Believe What I Saw. Call me simple, but I was blown away when I saw white people, black people, Africans (at least that’s what their beautiful, elaborate dress made me infer), Latinos and Asians all filing in. What?!?! I’d never seen anything like it in my entire life.

I knew then that it was the parish I needed to be a part of.

Fast-forward months later, and I still haven’t signed up to become a member. I’ve checked out one other parish and I’ve gone to St. Patrick with my mom and step-dad a couple of times, but St. Monica has been my regular house of worship.

I’m not sure what’s holding me back, but something is. I haven’t attended the Spanish Mass at St. Monica yet; maybe that’ll help me take the final step.

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox.
Today’s prompt: What did you discover this year?

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