#ThinkKit 8: Lifeline – Top 10 Views

I made it a full week straight of prompt-blogging! But today, I will use a lifeline. These are my top 10 views of the year, per my instagram feed, in no particular order. (This is the result of laziness, mostly, but also: football, wine, and how riled I got writing my original soapboxing-against-the-self-righteous post.)

10. The Flower Mart in Downtown LA.


9. Arcade Fire in Louisville.


8. Everywhere in Greece.


7. My friend’s prototype in his house.


6. Lou and Jude in my bed.


5. The Giants taking state in Lucas Oil Stadium.


4. Sports in Los Angeles.


3. My first rodeo in Warsaw.


2. Bears in the Smoky Mountains.


1. Pro soccer in Indy.



This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox.
Today’s prompt: Lifeline – create a top 10 list.


About teresatatum

USC Trojan ✌. Music enthusiast. Education proponent. Sports fanatic.
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3 Responses to #ThinkKit 8: Lifeline – Top 10 Views

  1. Somehow I missed that you went to a rodeo this year?! Love these photos. So much goodness!

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