#ThinkKit 4: 2¢ – Somewhere Between Paradise and Paraga

On Sunday, October 19, I woke up to this:

View from Flaskos in St Stefanos, Mykonos, Greece.St Stefanos, Mykonos, Greece

It was my first morning of feeling fully rested since we arrived in Greece—I’d had the worst jet lag I have ever experienced. Our bright white room was perfectly cool and breezy, our big white bed so comfy and cozy. But there was one serious question on my mind:

Which beach should we go to today, our only full day on the island?

Our Airbnb host Alex—a 36-year-old Athens native who spends his summers on Mykonos tending to tourists at Flaskos Studios (highly recommended if you’re ever on Mykonos)—of course knew all the ins and outs of the island. He gave us a map, circled his  favorite beach, and sent us on our way to the ATV rental place.

The way there was an adventure—I’d never ridden an ATV before—with crazy, breathtaking, truly awesome (like, the real definition of awesome) views in every direction. The GPSes on our phones were sort of laggy, but somehow we ended up somewhere near Paradise—or was it Super Paradise?

On the beach in Mykonos, somewhere between Paraga and Paradise.

Yes, those are the names of real beaches and no, this wasn’t our intended destination.

We hung out on this beach for a couple of hours, then made our way to Paraga—Alex’s favorite beach. What’s special about Paraga? Well, it’s just as beautiful as any other Mykonos beach, but the water there is calmer and the beach isn’t as rocky or crowded. Oh and by the way, Paraga is a very naturalist beach, ifyaknowwhatI’msayin!

We were just stoked that the weather was perfect and that there was a little shop with cheap Amstel tallboys!

Amstel at Paraga, Mykonos, Greece.

I really hope we cross paths with Alex again. Maybe his great advice could’ve helped me out with fantasy football (he’s a newish NFL fan who claims the Broncos).

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox.
Today’s prompt: advice you received this year.

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