#ThinkKit 3: Deck the LOLs – PG-13

So, this isn’t side-splitting LOLOL.. but you guys, if there’s something I really enjoy, it’s a good deal. Shopping in general, but good deals—oh boy!

When I spotted a boys’ Paul George jersey online for $25 (TWENTY-FIVE BUCKS!) a few weeks back, it had to be mine. Though I’m a serious Pacers fan, I’m not into jersey commitments (except for a real cheap J.O. one in middle school) for fear of that player being traded away immediately after (my luck). So… behold!

 Pacers Paul George jersey.
$25, y’all!



….do you notice something here?


I’ll wait…


….it took about two weeks for it dawn on me….

Remember when PG decided to go from #24 to #13 this summer?

‘Cause I totally forgot when I ordered the jersey,  ripped off the tags, and proceeded to wear it! D’oh!

I’ll just call it my throwback jersey.

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox.
Today’s prompt: share a funny story from the last year.

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USC Trojan ✌. Music enthusiast. Education proponent. Sports fanatic.
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