#ThinkKit 2: Flip the Script – Playas Gonna Play

Me: When you hear “Gen Con”, what’s the first thing you think of?
Husband: Nerds.

How many of you out there thought the same thing? It’s aight. I did too until this year.

I’ve lived in Indianapolis my entire 25 years (well, minus a few years for college), and went to my first Gen Con this year and oh, man…….. It changed. MY. LIFE.

Okay, maybe not quite that, but it was so incredibly fun and way more exciting/awesome/entertaining than I ever thought.

Teresa and Abby at Gen Con 2014 in Indianapolis.
My girl Abby and me living it up.

True story: I was actually kind of, sort of supposed to be on assignment for a client (had a press badge and everything). Granted, it was a softer story to be published on their blog. But what happened? I was so engrossed by huge Convention Center halls full of rows and rows of tables and booths and friendly folks, that I kind of abandoned my story all together.* Whoops.

Charming Domination

I had an overall great experience at the convention, but there are a couple of strategic hours that are particularly memorable for me.

So, if you’ve never been to Gen Con, there are all kinds of games in the exhibit hall that you can sit down/walk up and play, all day. There are also thousands of reserved games that you can sign up in advanced to play, to guarantee yourself a spot—some free, some paid, others downright expensive ($50!).  I made a $2 reservation to play the then-unreleased Sons of Anarchy board game on Saturday at 10 a.m. aaaand….

The game took a little more than 2 hours with a demonstrator.

I. WON. I mean, I didn’t just win. I owned. Like, really owned. See the little monies in the photo? My demonstrator said players usually end the game with 15 to 25 on the high end. I had 42. Bam.

That win, and Gen Con in general, really boosted my gaming confidence. Before, I’d be intimidated at our monthly SmallBox game night when someone would recommend that we play a new game. Some of my teammates are serious gamers, and they catch on real quick. I’m not quite on their level, but I’m getting there!

238 days until the Best Four Days in Gaming!

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox.
Today’s prompt: what did you change your mind about?

*I still feel guilty about this, although everyone else has surely forgotten. Catholic guilt.

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