#ThinkKit 1: 2014 in Photos

So, it’s day 1 and I’m already cutting it close at 11:45 p.m, and it kind of reminds me of most of this year. I’ve felt as though there’s always something to do—like there’s never enough time to do the one more thing, and yet like I’ve not actually done anything at all.

A permanent state of head-in-the-clouds.

On a plane to Greece.

But when I looked back at my year in photos, I remembered all the trips I took—to  Los Angeles (my second home), to the lake cabin and around the Midwest, to the Smoky Mountains, to Greece!—how much soccer I played and watched, how many friends I’ve made (don’t think I’ve met so many new people since I was in college!)….

Here’s to Think Kit 2014, and reflecting on the year! Time stamp: 11:59 p.m.

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox.
Today’s prompt: your year in photos.

About teresatatum

USC Trojan ✌. Music enthusiast. Education proponent. Sports fanatic.
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