A Seriously Perfect Morning Commute

I am so extremely grateful to work at a company where – for the most part – I have so much control of my schedule. As long as I meet my deadlines and goals, I can pretty much work where, when and how I want.

But sometimes these rare things called “9 a.m. meetings” pop up on my calendar. I had one of those this morning. I gave myself more time than usual to leave the house, so that I could fully wake up and actually have energy for the meeting – but I’m one of those spoiled (and childless) people who need a full 10 hours to feel completely rested.

Anyway, as I turned on to 56th St. this morning, the music and meeting gods were shining down on me as I flipped from station to station on Sirius XM:

Shabba – A$AP Ferg feat. A$AP Rocky

One of my top 5 songs of 2013 (totally snubbed by the Grammys –“Thrift Shop” is nominated for best rap song, and not this gem? Ew.), so naturally my trip to the office started off on a very high note.

Fantasy (Remix) – Mariah Carey feat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard

What’s better than a song from your childhood that you still love? A song from your childhood that you still love that’s by Mariah Carey and ODB. Mimi’s honey voice gave me back a little sweetness after listening to a, quite frankly, pretty dirty song like “Shabba.” But then ODB contributes another level of hype that’ll make you excited that you’re driving to work.

Cause = Time – Broken Social Scene

Like “Fantasy,” another great classic. I must’ve flipped to SiriusXM U, but I was glad nonetheless, because at this point in my drive I was at the Michigan intersection and needed something to mellow me out (after driving through two schools zones and a really, really dumb stoplight).

And finally…

Cowboys from Hell – Pantera

The perfect song to pick me back up as I rounded Westfield Blvd. onto Broad Ripple Ave., and into the parking lot.

Happy morning meeting!

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USC Trojan ✌. Music enthusiast. Education proponent. Sports fanatic.
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