#ThinkKit 19: No Limits – Mo’ Money, No Problem

[This blog was originally posted on the SmallBox site.]

Whoa – when you read today’s prompt, fellow Think Kit-ers, did you know exactly what your response would be? Because when I first saw this prompt, I did.

If money, time and other commitments were no obstacle in 2014 I would obviously take the entire year off and travel the world. But more specifically, in June and July you’d find me down south – in South America, not south in America – for the:


If money and time were no object, who out of you reading this wouldn’t want to spend a summer in Brazil? Add to that a month’s worth of the best players in the world, who are playing on the best teams in the world, playing the best game in the world, and there’s really no question about it for me.

What Would I Do?

I’m glad you asked! Just for fun, here are some details about my all-expenses-paid trip to Brazil:

I will definitely attend the opening match in which the home team takes on Croatia in Sao Paulo. Tickets for this start at $220 USD, but my seats would be in the $500 range.

That night I’d head north to Natal to take in some local cuisine and nightlife before watching Mexico beat Cameroon the following day. I probably wouldn’t stay for the entire match, though, because I’d have to jet (literally, a jet or some sort of secret government supersonic helicopter) south again to Salvador to see the 2010 championship re-match between España and the Netherlands. After that, I could possibly make it back to Natal for USA-Ghana if my supersonic helicopter is still around.

The rest of my World Cup 2014 experience would be a similar whirlwind of bliss, culminating in the championship game (USA-Mexico, naturally – hey, this is my dream!) and not bat an eyelash at the $990 price.

Now… Does anyone have a few stacks lying around?

Obrigado, tchau!

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