#ThinkKit 5: Interview – Make-up Post

If someone were to ask you – at this second – what your favorite moment of the year was, could you answer?

I was driving back to the SmallBox office from West Lafayette today with some team members, and I asked them. Here’s what their top moments of the year were:


Mr. & Mrs. Bender.

Mr. & Mrs. Bender.

This was an obvious one! Tyler got married August 31. (One of ) The extraordinary part of that day was the downpour that was going on in central Indiana – as Tyler mentioned to me, it was the day that WarmFest was actually rained out. And guess what? Tyler and Lauren were getting married outside!

Mother Nature was definitely Team Bender that day, because they didn’t see a drop of it. In fact, there was a ring of sunshine encompassing their ceremony area. If that’s not an awesome omen for a marriage, I don’t know what is.




Dan first defaulted to his two-week trip to Italy, and said he really enjoyed walking around Rome. But after he answered my question, I didn’t say anything and let him think on it for a few seconds – that’s one of them fancy interviewing techniques they teach you in j-school – and then he also mentioned the annual Zombie Run he participates in.

Dan told me about this raggedy, makeshift smoke house-type deal that’s on the course. Outside of it is a sign that says something like, “Swing on ropes for safety.” Naturally, these “ropes” are actually electrical wires. And naturally, Dan doesn’t warn his dear brother. Dear Brother happened to trip, grab on to said wires, and was shocked – literally! Yes. Dan’s favorite moment of the year was watching his brother get shocked in a raggedy smokehouse during a Zombie Run. #BrotherlyLove


Costa Rican waterfall.


Jason took a trip to Costa Rica in March. If he had to pin-point one experience from his vacation, it would be a kayaking trip. During his adventure, he stopped with his guide at a farm; a farm that was seven generations strong. The farm family was rich with history, and they were really enthusiastic about sharing it with Jason over authentic Costa Rican coffee and fried plantains.

Though Jason loved the wildlife along the river (check out that waterfall!), he truly enjoyed being immersed in and learning about the family’s life, with their makeshift tables and wandering livestock, and everyday Costa Rican culture.

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox.


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