The Wilderness Downtown

Are you ready for an experience?

Every and any time I listen to an Arcade Fire album, I’m taken on a heightened emotional experience–of memories, childhood, family, love, nostalgia. Their latest album–The Suburbs–was released in August of this year, and did not disappoint.  In my experience, it’s  very rare to find a band that produces great album after great album.  Arcade Fire is not that band. Instead–they produce perfect album, after amazing album, after kick-ass album.

I am extremely happy to say that yesterday the band was nominated for not one but three Grammys. Track 13 from The Suburbs, “Ready to Start,” is nominated for Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals. The album itself is up for Best Alternative Music Album as well as… wait for it… Album of the Year.

Like I said earlier–Arcade Fire is a band about experience and emotion.

This afternoon I stumbled on an interactive film made by Chris Milk (prestigious music video director and photographer) that utilizes “We Used to Wait,” a (phenomenal) track from The Suburbs. Once again, I was reminded of the startling ability of this band to–to put it simply–make me feel.

Enjoy! (And if you don’t… well, you’re probably one of the people hoping for a Katy Perry or Eminem Album of the Year win.)

The Wilderness Downtown

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